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American Internatinal High School

The middle school curriculum is developed on the fundamental knowledge learnt at elementary schools and aimed to help students succeed in high school.
AIS provides a wide range of junior high curricula, including the curriculum of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education, International Curriculum, Maths, Sciences, Visual Arts and Music, English as a Second Language (ESL) for Cambridge, TOEFL, TOEIC certificates.
Maths curricula will help students improve the English language used in mathematics, know how to find solutions and build a foundation for advanced courses. Sciences curricula include lab experiments and field trips, focusing on research studies on natural and social environment.
With social sciences, students will learn about geography, culture and history of Vietnam and the United States.
Physical education will have many kinds of sports and activities suitable for every student.
IT courses will be included in the curricula, together with other courses in music, painting, drama, dancing, foreign languages and so on. There are many other extra-curricular activities like swimming, aerobics, badminton, volleyball and football.
The international middle school curriculum is based on the US curriculum, equipping students with enough knowledge and English skills.
Students at AIS are educated so that they have the same knowledge and vision as international students.

AIS employ techniques to explore the potential and intelligence of its students:
The school focuses on teaching methods that are suitable for each and every student.
Teachers always try to help their students and observe them to understand their characteristics, learning abilities and emotions. Depending on each situation, teachers will create and expand more topics for their students to explore so that they can have a chance to prove their talents in solving problems and presenting their ideas.
Many topic-based activities will help students review their lessons by linking them with real life situations.

Developing talents and skills
The students’ personality, independent critical thinking, teamwork spirit, leadership and communication skills will be developed throughout the course. Gymnastics, art classes and field trips are other annual activities at AIS.

Modern equipment, daily English practice
AIS are equipped with modern facilities to provide a perfect study atmosphere. The students are also helped access academic documents of foreign schools which are cooperating with AIS.

Maintaining the school and students’ family relationship
AIS keep regular contact with families of the students to inform them of the ability and improvement of each student every week,
month and quarter.

Our teachers love and care about every student
Our teachers and other school staff always show their love and care for their students.
In particular, the class size of fewer than 15 students allow students to learn about each student’s personality and aptitude and help them develop fully.
Students and their parents can consult our school psychologists if the students’ mental problem hindered their studying.
Students are served every day with three wholesome meals prepared by German-owned P Dussman Group, the most prestigious caterer in Ho Chi Minh City.
Students undergo regular health and dental check-ups at AIS facility and a number of international hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City.

Modern facilities, friendly environment
AIS modern architecture houses state-of-the-art facilities, including gyms and swimming pools, to satisfy students’ needs for both studying and relaxing.
Students can use the Learning Resource Center through high speed ADSL internet connection. Students can also access electronic libraries through the internet for rich resources for their studies.
The science and computer labs equipped with high tech multimedia equipment.
Students can develop their talents at the music room, painting room and swimming pool following the school schedule.
Our school usually organizes extra curriculum activities, field trips and camping at theme parks and recreational areas.
We also celebrate Vietnamese and American holidays and organize English speaking club and other skill clubs. The Halloween celebration is a creatively entertaining activity that attracts all AIS students.
Especially, AIS students have opportunities to make friends and participate in cultural exchange activities with students at AIS-partnered schools in the US.

Outdoor activities
We usually organize extra-curriculum activities, such as field trips or camping at theme parks or industrial or agricultural zones which
are related with student’s study programs. Particularly, we organize traditional Vietnamese and American festivities as well as an
English speaking club and other skill clubs. These give students healthy opportunities to expand their relations with the outside

An opportunity to study abroad
Every year, AIS cooperate with our partners to organize summer study trips to English speaking countries, such as the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, so our students can broaden their world knowledge.
Students can also choose from countless opportunities to continue studying at other countries, such as the US, Australia or Singapore.
Every year, our outstanding students may be granted with scholarships to participate in student-exchange programs and international conventions or to visit the foreign countries where they want to go for higher study.

Trust and achievements at AIS
As for AIS, our greatest achievement lies in our students’ good academic performance and their trust, as well as their parents’ trust
in us. These are the priceless awards for all our AIS staff’s efforts. Our students have good command of English yet still speak perfect Vietnamese, and they are trained comprehensively to become future leaders and to continuously enrich themselves, their families and the society.
We believe that our institution will help you make your dream come true.

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